Singing Valentines 2013: Great Exerience!

These are some of our experiences this year.

  • Olive Garden – singing to Marty and Marcia Ohler Then we sang to the other 50 or so people waiting in the lobby to be seated.. They loved us!
  • Singing at a Mary Kay meeting – The husband ordered a valentine to his wife having about 20 women meeting in a basement for a Mary Kay meeting. They loved us. The ladies were very enthusiastic. It was a lot of fun.
  • Sophia – she started out with a “rough” attitude, but ended by “melting”. You could see her attitude change as we sung to her.
  • Free Lunch at Grand Café after we sang for someone (impromptu performance). Mmm, Tuesday was “PC Tray Day”
  • Singing for the wife of the manager of Grand Café after lunch.. Small older Asian lady that worked in the kitchen. She kept saying “Thank You” all throughout the whole song.
  • Forrest, IL – reaction of 2 ladies in the office when Ed Schrof when he sang with us. One of them was crying.
  • Husband &Wife both teachers at Ridgeview High School in Colfax – The husband was just like a schoolboy. It was very cute.
  • Fire alarm at Bromenn – The fire alarm went off in the hospital just as we entered the lobby to sing for a gentleman. No one did anything, so we didn’t worry about it. It kept going as we sung right thru it. He and his wife didn’t mind at all.
  • Mugsy’s Pub – We decided to go for a drink after our day was over. We entered the bar and a lady asked us what we were doing dressed in tuxedos. We told her and she said it was her birthday. Her husband was there with her. So, we sang her a couple songs. Her husband later told us she had been not in the best mood until we sang to her. Then, her whole attitude changed. He bought our drinks.